Blog: 30-05-19

‘Best Channel Marketing/PR Agency’ finalist

For the 7th year in a row, Purechannels has been shortlisted as a finalist in the CRN Sales and Marketing Awards for ‘Best Channel Marketing/PR Agency’.

Purechannels is different. Genuinely different. Purechannels is ‘The Channel Agency’ – an agency that has been dedicated to delivering strategic and marketing services to the channel for the last 14 years… we are not a general marketing agency just doing a bit in the channel.

Established in 2005, Purechannels has always maintained focus and specialism. This has seen us work with some of the world’s biggest brands… Microsoft, Adobe, Fujitsu, Vodafone, Samsung, VMware, Symantec and numerous smaller vendors, start-ups, distis and partners.

“It is so refreshing to talk to an agency that ‘gets’ Channel… so we don’t have to spend the first half of the meeting explaining what the Channel is!” 

Our approach is to combine an innate knowledge of the intricacies of the channel with the relevant marketing techniques and creative. This is the difference. There is not a one size fits all. The complexities of dealing with the multiple different levels that separate vendors from end customers cannot all be painted with one brush. Models and theories do not always transfer into reality… and you only know this when you have decades of experience, learning, living and working in the channel. There is no simple correlation between what works in a direct world and what works in the indirect world. The ratios are all different, partners are different, people are different. 

At Purechannels we stay in our lane, do what we are good at and deliver expertly assessed activity to drive results throughout the channel. And when needed, we love to collaborate with other agencies to deliver client specific solutions! The Channel is a functional operation, not a fashion show. That is not to say that being functional cannot look great (we have loads of examples of lovely looking stuff!), but we have to address function ahead of fashion. Knowing what works first, then making it look good and offering alternative options is essential when looking at and assessing the best ways to engage and get the most from your channel. Not just seeing what’s current and trendy and trying to shoe-horn it in because it’s cool. 

That’s the Purechannels difference. We are proud to be Channel only, which is why as part of our brand refresh earlier this year we added ‘The Channel Agency’ to our core identity. 

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