Is your deal registration fit for the modern partner?

Deal registration is an established element of any vendor’s partner programme. It is of course important for rewarding partners for bringing in sales opportunities. at the same time it can help to eliminate potential channel conflict.

So why is deal reg still a sticking point between so many vendors and partners? Too often, partners will complain that some deal reg programmes are difficult to navigate, and they don’t provide the clarity or simplicity that they should expect.

“One of the biggest challenges we still see today with vendors and their deal registration programmes is how difficult they make it for their partners to submit deal regs. Also, the lack of visibility of transparency on what happens after they submit a deal reg,” says John McArdle, VP sales of partner engagement platform, Channel Mechanics.

John chatted with us about best practice when it comes to creating deal reg programmes. He said the leading vendors “offer a simple, intuitive automated deal reg platform that guides partners on the minimum information set they need to log – all of which can be entered in under two minutes.”

Addressing what happens after submitting a deal, John offers up the solution of a self-service dashboard for partners that shows the history of deal regs they have submitted with their current status – whether approved, pending review, rejected.

“It is imperative to share with your partners logical reasons when their deal regs have not been accepted. Taking these simple actions will significantly increase partner trust and engagement and lead to increased pipeline generation,” he explains.

Channel Mechanics has provided some top tips for creating deal registration for 2021.

·       Firstly, the programme must be easy to understand for partners, and easy to access.

·       It should also provide full protection, as well as incentives – and crucially, it must accommodate different geographies, markets and partner types.

·       Vendors should invest in an easy to access deal registration portal where the partner only gets to see what’s personal to them.

·       They should also provide the ability for partners to see the status of the deal reg – not just when it’s been submitted, but what happens with it when it goes back inside the vendor organisation.

·       Remember, you don’t have to offer deal registration on your full product portfolio. For instance, not including transaction or run rate business, or excluding renewals to drive different behavior in the marketplace to encourage partners to go after bigger deals.

Says Channel Mechanics: “You can design your programme rules that are flexible but easy to understand and personalised to the partner types you’re working with.”


Channel partners thriving

Elsewhere this week there was some good news for channel partners.

Despite unprecedented business uncertainty and market upheaval during the pandemic, half (49 percent) of global IT resellers this week said their business has performed well over the past 12 months, with only 10 percent pointing to poor performance.

The findings come from the annual CONTEXT ChannelWatch study, which is compiled from the responses of more than 7,000 channel businesses.

Most (65 percent) saw turnover increase (32 percent) or stay the same (33 percent) during the crisis, with only a third (32 percent) pointing to a decrease. Over a quarter (28 percent) said business with their main distributor increased over the period.

Even better, 67 percent expect their business performance to further improve next year, with the business services (37 percent), energy (32 percent) and manufacturing (32 percent) sectors singled out by resellers as offering the best prospects for growth.

Mobile PC (68 percent) and homeworking (47 percent) and smart home (26 percent) categories are predicted by resellers to be those that will continue to experience high volume demand going forward.

The cloud, and in particular ‘as a service’ offerings, are also seen to be a major opportunity—cited by 94 percent of respondents as such. That’s understandable given that 73 percent of resellers saw customer digital transformation projects accelerate during the pandemic. Most resellers (57 percent) said they did the same because of the crisis.

“A great deal of the optimism displayed by global resellers in our latest study comes from major end-customer investments in digital transformation driven by COVID-19,” says CONTEXT’s global managing director, Adam Simon.

“It’s reassuring to see their outlook for the next 12 months so positive, but to ensure opportunities aren’t missed, closer collaboration will be necessary with distributors to deliver the cloud services businesses are crying out for.”

Resellers have clearly said that cloud is a key area where distributors can add value for their partners. Marketing (51 percent), sales (47 percent) and training and education (45 percent) are the areas resellers are most in need of help with.

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