In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week

In celebration of National Apprentice week, we would love to introduce you to Benjamin Davis...

...Digital Marketing Executive here at Purechannels. Joining us in August 2020, Ben is currently working through a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, provided by Vocate Training, Sussex. 

The qualification includes a broad range of digital marketing, customer experience and coding competencies ranging from social and Google marketing campaigns, website development, SEO, Customer lifecycle analysis and much more. A month on from completing A-levels in Maths, Computer Science and Physics yet unable to attend his local college due to the covid-19 pandemic, Ben seized the opportunity to further his education in an active work environment. 

“I’ve always been intrigued by the ability of a campaign to influence human behaviour in relation to buying a particular product or following a specific brand.” said Ben on why he felt drawn to pursue a vocation in marketing. “I got into website development and social media marketing a while ago mainly working on personal projects and as a freelancer. It has grown from there into a wider enthusiasm for all things marketing.”

This year, Purechannels celebrates 15 years of serving IT and Telecoms vendors, distis and partners across the global indirect channel. Throughout the last 10 months of covid, we have more than doubled in size, whilst also being proud of the fact that we have not reduced hours, made redundancies or enrolled in the national furlough scheme. This stability of surviving and thriving as a small business in an uncertain environment is just one of the things that attracted Ben to join the team.

“I love the start-up feel and friendliness of Purechannels, combined with their background and established reputation built over the last 15 years. Since I joined around 7 months ago, the team has grown so rapidly and just keeps going. It’s great to be part of an organisation that is expanding so quickly.” 

“I have only actually met him once in person whilst dropping off some Christmas chocolate!” jokes Purechannels CEO, Glenn Robertson, “The motivation and enthusiasm he shows is outstanding, but that doesn't even come close to his work! He has proven a serious asset to our team becoming an integral part of many client projects. At a time of doom and gloom, and the attitude, motivation and work ethic of many young people often called into question, Ben is a shining example and a splendid young man"

As well as being a key part of the business growth, Ben believes that opting to complete his vocational training in a local business has also enabled to him to grow both personally and professionally. 

“I have learnt a ton about how different departments can work efficiently together. I’ve been involved with a range of projects that all require different competencies which has certainly expanded my knowledge of marketing and life in the workplace”

On completion of his qualification, Ben aims to carry on as a digital marketer for Purechannels lending his newfound skills to not only clients throughout the Channel but on personal projects outside of the workplace.

Producing award winning
work for our clients:

Best Channel Marketing / PR Agency


Corporate Excellence Awards – Winner
Best Tech-Focussed Marketing Agency

Finny’s Killer Content Awards – Winner
Best Channel Marketing Campaign

CRN Sales and Marketing Award – Finalist
Best Channel Marketing Agency

2022 ..continued

B2B Marketing Awards – Finalist
Best Channel Marketing Initiative

B2B Marketing Benchmarking Report
6th of 15 names ‘Rising Stars’ Agencies

ACQ5 Awards- Winner
Best Channel Marketing Agency

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