Out with the new, in with the old…

Mobile, social, digital, app, trending, posting, influential, advocacy, inbound, content, social, digital, mobile, responsive-omni-social-digital-mobile-integration-channel trending marketing.

How many of and how often do the above terms get thrown down our neck as the only ways forward in marketing? The answer is all of them… and a lot!

I love social. I love Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Pinterest and YouTube. I love posting to them all on Buffer. I love amplifying them through socialondemand (from our sister company purechannelapps) and I love checking them all on hootsuite, via desktop in the office and on my mobile devices everywhere else. (I have a Samsung phone and an iPad…oh yes I am a multi-tech-brand-literate user). But… and it is a big BUT… I’ve also got a superb wagon that is still working, the wheels are still turning and it’s getting good results. And it’s called: traditional marketing.

Yep, sorry folks. I am not a bubble burster, I am a realist. In this new, flexible, mobile, Martini working and playing world, it’s not just the new kids on the block getting all the results (despite getting all the headlines).

SHOCK NEWS: We still use email (and guess what, so do you). We still use DM (in old money that means Direct Mail, you remember getting something through the post!). We still use telemarketing (yep, actually talking to people on the phone instead of flipping through apps and timelines!). And one of the most frightening revelations so far… we still build web/landing pages for actual desktop-only.

My goodness I hear you gasp. How old fashioned?! OK granddad, time to get with the programme. Wake up sleepy head. Join us in the 21st Century old-timer.

The thing is, whilst being fully immersed in this dynamic, changing, trend-ridden future we are all living today, sometimes you have to stand up and become acquainted with the champion that sometimes, just sometimes, does in fact require function over fashion.

For us, exclusively dedicated to the IT and Telecoms channel, there is always far more to consider than the latest and greatest, not-sure-it-will-last-unless-facebook-google-or-twitter-own-it, app. The continually blurred line between work and play is, almost weekly it seems, being bombarded by new ways of consumerising us in both our private and professional lives. And sometimes, creating change in the new, means revisiting and seeking success in the old.

And here’s the good bit… it actually works. Something that became old and tired – sending things through the post and making phone calls – is actually being reborn as a welcome differentiator. In addition, the results from these re-used, cyclical approaches are testament to the way in which we integrate them with all the modern stuff.

As an agency, of course, it is in our interest to stay up-to-date (and sometimes ahead) of what’s happening out there, and showcase these opportunities to our clients. But you know what’s more important than being seen to do good stuff… actually doing good stuff! Sometimes that comes not from showing how cool and trendy we are, but from getting great results. Results like 9000 new partners recruited across EMEA over the last 4 years, returning more than 10x cost of campaign, and launching a programme that goes global within 9months.

The point is, whilst there are a lot of new, exciting opportunities to become part of, there has to be a grounding that asks the question “what will that mean?”

I make sure we ask that question in every new piece of work – both for clients and prospects. Sometimes ‘the new’ works amazingly well on its own and sometimes it works when neatly combined with ‘the old’. Sometimes however, it’s best (don’t feel scared) to leave the new and go with the old. Either way, you need the commitment and the knowledge to be able to make an informed judgement, without getting swept away in a gust of trends.

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