Proof that Outbound is still badass

Over the past few years, advocates of Inbound marketing will have you believe it’s a panacea. “Long live Inbound, taxi for Outbound”. Yet real evidence of Outbound delivering tangible results says otherwise.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another blog about Inbound versus Outbound. No. I’m sure you’ve read plenty. It is, however, blatant proof that Outbound is badass, still works and absolutely has its place in this evolving marketing world (when it’s done correctly).

Take a look at these recent success stories. These organisations trusted that Outbound still works, and reaped the rewards.

Outbound Success Story 1:

Fujitsu achieves 7,000+ new partners and €millions in new business

With the clear objective of building channel breadth and reducing partner attrition, Fujitsu commissioned a partner recruitment and re-engagement drive across Europe. We provided an integrated campaign of targeted emails, print/ online ads and telemarketing scripts, combined with a landing site and trigger emails to educate and maintain momentum. Within three weeks of launch, Fujitsu have over 2000 new transacting partners recruited across Europe. This has been an ongoing project for just over 4 years and we have now recruited over 7000 partners in total.

What they said: “This is only the beginning.” Read the full case study here.

Outbound Success Story 2:

Avnet achieves 10x ROI and £300k in new sales

Global IT solutions distributor Avnet wanted to encourage its partners to make cross-portfolio transactions within its Independent Software business unit. A fully integrated outbound campaign comprising email, telemarketing, direct mail, a video mini-series and a digital magazine resulted in over one-third of partners contacted increasing their transaction values and multi-vendor purchases.

What they said: “With the diversity and creativity, the impressive turn-around time and spectacular ROI we have seen. Suffice to say, we are delighted.” 

Outbound Success Story 3:

Gigaset achieves 17x ROI

Gigaset is a global telecoms manufacturer based in Germany. They wanted to build brand awareness in the UK, and grow their UK B2B channel. Apart from a digital magician (honest!), we went old school – data was purchased, emails crafted, direct mail delivered, and wait for it… prospects were actually spoken to, nicely, on that old chestnut ‘the telephone’. This campaign resulted in over 300 new partners being recruited, exceeding the original target by 300% and generating hundreds of thousands of pounds of new revenues.

What they said: “There is no surprise this campaign was a success, what was surprising is just how successful it was!”

It’s so tempting to get caught up – and confused – by the plethora of new and snazzy marketing tactics and metrics thrust into your millennial toolkits. Yet here you have it. Real world evidence that Outbound is working. And working really well when executed correctly.

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