The three T’s of partner news: Targeted, Tailored and Timely

With email (still) being one of the most favoured methods of communication amongst marketers, partners and customers can become flooded with information; much of which they will not open or read. And I believe there is a simple reason for this: you are telling them what you want to tell them, not asking them what they would like to be told.

Email is still good, but it needs to be treated with more care these days. With the uprising of mobility and consumerisation, we are increasingly merging personal and work life. And that means device cross-over in terms of personal and work communication. This is one of the reasons you have to make sure that you are doing whatever you need to do in order to stand out, in an already crowded inbox.

With these three simple steps, you can really get your communications noticed. Our ‘3 T’s of email/news communication’: Targeted, Tailored and Timely.


Who are you speaking to and what is your message? Do you know if your communication is relevant to that over-used database of ‘everyone’? Take some time to make sure the right message is going to the right people. In the current climate of inbox-overcrowding, it is important that you are speaking to the right people or your message with get lost. And of course, if you are sending the right messages to the right audiences, you will stand a much better chance of increasing open and click rates.


Are you telling your audiences what you think they want to hear? Why not ask them what news and information they want to receive and when they would like to receive it? There is simply no point just loading up all of your news, sending it out to everyone, crossing your fingers and hoping that some of it will get through. The idea of ‘send everything to everyone’ is grossly outdated. Think about it, would you read something you had no interest in? No: “DELETE”. Your readers are the same. Don’t think the rules are different just because you think your news is interesting. Sorry to say, and no offence, but it might not be interesting (to everyone!). Take the time to find out what your readers want. Then take a bit more time to make sure you are delivering the appropriate news to the right people.


Sorry, but not everyone wants to receive all your news at 2pm on a Friday. Do you really know that this is the best time to send? Sending out your same newsletter, to the same audience, at the same time every week, is not a good idea. Conversely, adhering to the blasé ‘oh let’s just send it out as and when we can fit it in’ approach will also likely show poor results. So as above, take a little more care with your news. Do you know when people want to receive news from you? Have you asked them their preferred time: daily, weekly, monthly – or as and when it’s hot off the press? If you send someone something (that they may or may not be interested in) when they do not want it, you are dramatically reducing your chances of success.

This is not rocket science, it’s pretty straight forward. Invite your audience to tell you what they want and when they want it. Make it as personal to their preferences as you can. Show that you are prepared to take the time to work with them and deliver the news they want, when they want.

Why compete for valuable inbox space when you don’t have to? Be smarter, take a little time and you will see the difference.

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