Blog: 21-10-19

Went to a theme park, came home with an Award!

They say that working in a marketing agency can be somewhat of a roller coaster...

...and on Thursday 17th October this certainly came true! Suited and booted, glad-ragged and masked, we headed to Thorpe Park for our very first Wirehive100 Awards Ceremony. And wow, what a night! A perfect combination of a relaxed vibe, fantastic people, mutual appreciation and shared celebration all added up to a brilliant awards night.

It was the first time we had submitted, been shortlisted and attended the Wirehive100, so we didn’t really know what to expect – but we were in for a treat. A great mantra, supporting and celebrating some super agencies outside of London, it was a superb night.

Tasty food, lovely people and good fun were topped off by Purechannels taking the award for “Best Content Driven Campaign” for our long-term engagement campaign with Barracuda MSP. The judges commented: 

 “Loved the commitment to the idea and thought the tailoring to the brand was fantastic. It was a very well thought out and very creative campaign with a good mix of tactics and content. Loved it!”

This is great recognition for Purechannels. As the 100% Channel Agency we are, always have been and always will be, it is absolutely wonderful to be recognised by people, judges and organisations, who are not from the channel, for the quality of our output, thinking and creative – something not always associated with the channel. This really does exemplify what makes us different: applying a combination of strategic thinking, channel expertise and creativity, we provide clients with solutions that help to engage partners and contribute to a much better partner experience, whilst building pipeline and new revenues!

Oh and kudos to Wirehive100 too for the genius venue… we even had time to sneak out for a cheeky ride on the SWARM roller coaster – twice!


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