Stop asking ChatGPT for information – start an actual conversation

As the hype around ChatGPT continues to grow, many marketing professionals are wondering whether this AI tool will replace their jobs altogether. However, the reality is quite the opposite.

ChatGPT is not a threat to channel marketers, but rather another tool in their arsenal. In fact, ChatGPT can help channel marketers be more efficient and effective in their roles.

But like any tool it is as only as good as the person using it, whilst we will be releasing our ChatGPT guide for Channel Marketing Teams next week, I thought I would give a sneak preview in to one of the tips we will cover.

Stop asking ChatGPT for information – start an actual conversation.

It might sounds straight forward, but since we are so used to using search engines and asking questions of them, we are treating AI the same way. To get the best results we need to think differently.

For this exercise I will use the subject of cloud computing and show you the different results that you can get, simply but how and what you ask.

Instead of asking ChatGPT “How can I explain the cost of cloud in the longer term to potential end users?” try “I am worried about migrating to the cloud and concerned about the cost implications, what is the long term benefit?”

Chat GPT

If you have personas that your company uses then these can be great way to sense check your information, for example: CFO, CEO, CTO.

Ask ChatGPT to play the role of ones of these, I have used CFO in the example below but the same can be applied to any role.

I asked ChatGPT to play the role of a fiscally conservative CFO and look at cloud computing for weaknesses.

Chat GPT

Now we can get clever and flip things on their head, by asking ChatGPT to become a smarter or more informed CFO and give counter arguements as to why in fact cloud computing is the right answer. You can use this to help with building a business case alongside any case studies you might have.

Chat GPT

But don’t stop at the first answer, tweak and refine as you go, different words will gain different responses. Try different prompts / command words, new adjectives and verb choices.

For example:

  • Make the copy more compelling
  • Be more emotive
  • Add additional insight to strengthen the argument

You can also look to match it to your tone of voice.

For example:

  • Use a conversational writing style
  • Use a empathic writing style
  • Use a academic writing style


If you pose a general question you will get a general answer. Get specific!

If you would like a copy of Chat GPT guide for Channel Marketers then send me a message on Linkedin.

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