The Inverse Channel: It’s time to embrace Partner Power

Partner Experience (PX) has seen a rise in importance and acceptance throughout 2020.

Vendors need to way up to partner needs and realise that without fully engaged, educated and enabled partners their indirect channel will not be as successful as it could be. Partners realized this years ago and are becoming more and more sophisticated in what they do and who they do it with… in order to satisfy their existence, which is based around their needs and not the needs of any particular vendor.

This is driving the emergence of we cal ‘Partner Power’ which in effect is also accelerating a new model, a change to the typical top-down, vendor led channel that we have all become accustomed to… this model is what we have named “The Inverse Channel”.

The Inverse Channel works because it prioritises partner and customer needs at the core, rather than prioritising what vendors want, and allowing them to dictate from the top down. Vendors who understand, accept, embrace and respond to the new dynamic of Partner Power, will win.

Take a read of our recent whitepaper to see why Purechannels believes it’s ‘all change’ in the channel, there is a new model emerging and the era of ‘The Inverse Channel’ has dawned.

Glenn Robertson

Glenn Robertson

CEO of The Channel Agency: Purechannels
Founder of Nuzoo and Viewpoint | Channel Chief | Agency Leader | CRN A-Lister