‘Til business do us part?

Channel Vendors need to mature from being the selfish lover and commit to this relationship.

Healthy relationships are built on care, dependability, respect and moving through life together as a unit. Choosing the right partner results in a meaningful experience for both parties, knowing there will always be someone supporting you, through the good, the bad and the ugly.  

But, if the relationship is unbalanced, the dynamic between you can be majorly disturbed, inevitably leading to frustration, resentment, animosity and perhaps a nasty break up. 

So we couldn’t help but wonder – Do vendors know if a partner is happy? 

We have compiled some key considerations Vendors should make in order to keep their partner relations on track. 

“Why do we always do what you want?” 

Long-lasting relationships require compromise. And the Channel is no different. Next time you discuss business with a partner, make sure you make room for conciliation, it can’t always be the vendors way or the highway. 

Don’t expect a partner to change

You both entered this relationship as individuals with your own KPI’s, target audiences, messaging and ways of doing business. It’s these things that attracted you to each other in the first place. Try to avoid molding a partner into someone or something they aren’t – unless they are willing to try something new, then experiment and explore together, understanding that you should both be getting something out of any new direction, adding to what you have already achieved together. 

Never take a partner for granted

We’ve all been there. You stop taking each other on dates, saying ‘I love and appreciate you’ or recognising the little things that make a big impact. Afterall, they aren’t going anywhere right? Wrong. Don’t become complacent with your partners. Adapt, change and value them as if they will up and leave tomorrow…because they might. There’s always another vendor ready to woo them away. 

“But we spent last Christmas with your parents” 

Relationships are about compromise and understanding the needs of each party. You must be flexible, allow room for growth and development. Only then can you take your relationship to the next level. 

Any of these sound familiar? Then you might need to make some major changes. Actions speak louder than words and it’s time to put your partners first. Their wants and needs should be your priority, the center of your world. Not the other way around. 

So start accepting, understanding and embracing your Partner, finding out what they need, what makes them smile and go weak at the knees. 

Partner Experience (PX) is a key foundation of the Inverse Channel. Giving a partner what they want and keeping them satisfied leads to the enjoyment of joint success. Deny, ignore or remain oblivious to their needs and it’s likely they will lose interest and go elsewhere. 

Vendors who recognise, respond and support the needs of their partners rather than deterring or dictating, will win. It really is that simple.

And remember if the relationship doesn’t look like it’s working out, it’s not because they are a bad partner, it’s because their needs are not being met. 

Almost all the time…It’s not them, it’s you. 

Daren Bach

Daren Bach (FCIM)

Chief Creative & Digital Officer
The Channel Agency: Purechannels
Helping Channel Marketing teams unleash indirect revenue through creativity, digital and storySelling.