UNLEASH. People – Colin Darbyshire

“The channel is like no other space and I love it!”

Hiya, I’m Colin and I head up our Partner Communication Management (PCM) solution: Komz. My day-to-day usually consists of looking for people who could genuinely benefit from our platform and engaging with them or trying to set up a conversation on how we can help them.

The best part of the job? Hearing from customers who are genuinely impressed by their increased partner engagement. It’s often something they’ve been striving for, for some time. So, when we can help them, and they’re actually surprised about how well Komz works, that’s a great feeling.

I started working in the Dot com boom in intellectual property and brand protection. I worked in a variety of roles, on a variety of projects, which eventually led me into account management. I’ve worked for a couple of startups, including building a channel for a tech vendor and I’ve worked agency side too. I think this has really helped me develop an insight into the experiences and pain points of channel marketing and sales teams and how to best help them.

As for my story here, I actually started working for The Channel Agency in 2016. It was my first time knowingly working in the channel, and I think it really opened my eyes to how huge and interconnected this sector is. The channel is like no other space, and I love it! I really like the way you see these close business, and personal relationships bloom. And it’s kind of heartwarming to see just how helpful and supportive the community can be!

Outside of work, you’ll catch me either running or kite surfing. I’ve been kite surfing for about fifteen years now. There’s a group of us who normally go out in Winchelsea, which is my favorite spot. We all support each other and encourage progression and learning new tricks – stuff like that. But there’s also a huge social element to it too, and we meet up outside of kiting to just hang out.

It might sound cliche, but that community element is probably part of what makes me enjoy working in the channel. In kite surfing, it’s quite dangerous to go out on your own – almost everyone goes out in a group, so you’ve got support if anything goes wrong. I think that’s what the channel provides for businesses too. A kind of support network to help you grow.

When I think about what motivates me at work, I’d have to first look at what we at Komz see as a current issue: communication in the channel. There’s a genuine disconnect between what vendors are sending out in emails and portals, and what partners actually want to see. My motivation is to close that gap, get rid of the huge pile of unread emails and documents, and help make life easier for both sides of the fence! I think we’re already starting to see that change with our customers.