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One thing that’s been a constant in my life is the need to learn lessons and improve. I’ve had to adjust, pivot, train, work on my weaknesses, study, and learn from my mistakes in order to become better at what I do.

It’s important to recognize that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process. When we make mistakes, we have an opportunity to find a better path forward. And when we focus on learning and growth, we can turn those mistakes into valuable lessons that help us improve and succeed.

My soccer career was instrumental in forming who I am in the business world, and it taught me some valuable lessons. But being a professional athlete can often come with a certain perception, and I’ve always been conscious of that.

I didn’t want people to judge me solely based on my past career as a soccer player, or to assume that my experiences on the field didn’t translate to other aspects of my life.

I also didn’t want to come across as bragging, which can be a common concern for many people who are hesitant to share their achievements or successes.

But it forged habits that I still apply on a daily basis. I was fortunate to have some amazing coaches and mentors who helped shape and mold me, they also gave me the freedom to apply my own thoughts and skills to my craft. There’s no one “right” way to play the game or to build a team or coach individuals or lead a group to achieve a common set of goals.

In saying that, I will not bore you with daily posts about soccer life, but I am happy to share with anyone that expresses an interest in how I have conquered my fears of being thrown into competition, dealing with insecurities of my peers/managers thinking I’m not good enough, answering why me and also why not me questions in my own head but also those out loud from others, the list goes on.

I believe strongly in self-confidence and creating your own environment. It’s not easy to be mentally strong and to focus on what matters, but it’s definitely not impossible. My advice to anyone is to find a friend, a mentor, or someone you admire, and ask to pick their brain. Find out what worked and didn’t work for them in their careers, and use that knowledge to help you find your own path. Who knows? You might even discover a few nuggets along the way that will help you get where you want to be.

Mike Ammann
Mike Ammann

Mike Ammann

President at Purchannels North America
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