Vendors and their Partners – Worlds Apart

This is a story of two worlds and how they impact each other.

Firstly welcome to Vendor’s world, where you eat, sleep and breathe your product. After all you have spent a lot of time perfecting and crafting it into technology solutions that make a real difference, for businesses and for people.

It’s a world where you are rightly proud of the team you have, of the ethos the company has and of how you are working to provide your partners with solutions that they can be proud of.

What’s not to love, it really is the perfect place.

In the distance is Partner’s world. This world is where your partners eat, sleep and breathe. A world where they are equally as proud of their impact and what they do.

A world where they are proud of their team, their ethos and the services and solutions they provide for their customers.

You want them to embrace your world in the same way that you do, and sometimes you find it hard to understand that it feels like they don’t see what you see. That they don’t seem to appreciate your world as much as they should, after all it is brilliant and it could be brilliant for them.

But here’s the thing…

Your world only is a small part of theirs, they will be working will multiple vendors each with their own worlds as magical to them as yours is to you. Each wanting and expecting attention.

So if you imagine in any single day, your partner might be working with 10 vendors on top of all their own work, then the impact your world might have on theirs could be as little as 10 minutes of their day.

10 minutes to make an impression, to get across everything you think is great, right?


This isn’t about what you think is great, this is about what they think is great, what is it about your product that brings value to their world?

This is about you bringing value to them. You, not necessarily your company, it isn’t about selling, it isn’t about trying to get them to drink your cool aid.

This is about being human, this is interacting with them in their world on a human level, this is about being present, being helpful. So when the worlds align and an opportunity presents itself, it is you that is top of their mind.

Daren Bach

Daren Bach (FCIM)

Chief Creative & Digital Officer
The Channel Agency: Purechannels
Helping Channel Marketing teams unleash indirect revenue through creativity, digital and storySelling.